Goodbye 2022, welcome 2023

Lille Magnus
Lille Magnus

What a year it has been, possibly of the most eventful years in STHK:s history. We have met new and old colleagues, new customers and visited places that we couldn’t go to due to Covid.

Creating more together: STHK and Welado

The year started with STHK meeting Welado for discussions and strategy planning on how we could plan the future together. It resulted in a strategy plan and a hope for brighter years to come. The 9th of June this year, STHK and Welado signed the contracts, and the cooperation went public. The new slogan became “Creating more together”. And that is definitely what we have been doing the last year.

This year we were also finally able to travel to Innotrans in Berlin after a four year break because of covid. We had a fantastic time there with friends, customers and trains.

We should not forget that the year has not only been a lot of work, but we have also been able to meet again after an extended time of online meetings. Office touchdowns, summer party, crayfish party and an excellent Christmas julbord.

Creating new business and business opportunities 

The cooperation with Finland has yielded a new courage and energy, several new leads, both in Finland, the Baltics and in Sweden, as well as new friends and colleagues. We’ve been able to create new business areas and business opportunities. We now have four offices in Sweden, Västerås, Örnsköldsvik, Mora and Stockholm.

We wish you all a nice holiday, Christmas and New Years eve, and that you can gather some energy for the next year.

Thanks 2022, we will see you in 2023.

Magnus Lille