Reference projects


Stockholm Public Transport, Upgrading of the Red line

Test coordination, requirement compilation and system integration for upgrading of signalling system and new vehicle fleets.


Stockholm Public Transport, Commuter trains

Introduction of ERTMS in X60B


Stockholm Public Transport, Roslag Line

System engineer for introduction of new on-board system


Stockholm Public Transport, Saltsjö Line

Project management and system engineer for upgrading of signalling system


Stockholm Public Transport, The Cross line

Project team with project manager, system engineer, safety manager and configuration manager for implementation of new signalling system.


Stockholm Public Transport, The Green line

Information system


Stockholm Public Transport

Strategic development: Requirements analysis for vehicle supply for SL's fleet of vehicles on the Roslag Line, the Saltsjö Line and the Stockholm metro.


The Gothenburg tram network

Production of new safety regulations

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik

Project team with systemization, customization, integration and documentation for system integration of Softprio, a new radio based switch control and positioning system on Tvärbanan


IT test strategy and test management

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik

Investigation, technical requirements for Spårvägen syd